We are Going Back to the Taco Theme :)

As of July 1, 2010 when we released our v.1 site we have gotten many complaints about the "boringness" of the site. So we decided to turn back!!! We will have many improvements including:

                                 * Out-of-BETA release
                                 * New pages including: Menu, Fun, Arts
                                 * The Taco Theme :)

                                 * More contests and blog posts

               And over 20 more adjustments!!! Coming to the US by 
                                                                     September 1, 2010

Announcing Our Second Contest

Now that we have our new website out we are announcing our second contest. This is how it goes:
Pick a number 1-100 and the answerer with the closest number wins 50 pre-selected songs.
Leave your answer as a comment, use a real email so I can email you the songs, and check your email daily!
Hope to see more participants than last month's contest :)
   ***Contest ends August 31, 2010***

    Answers Go Here: